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Welcome to Grub Bubble

A blog where you can read all about some of my local delicious food spots.

Hello all my foodies out there my name is Angelica Ramos. I am an 18-year-old student studying Animal Science at the California State University, Chico. Let me begin this journey by saying that as fellow human being, food is an important substance that we all living things need in order to maintain our life and be able to continue to grow. I have created this blog in order to share some delicious food locations with people of similar interests. That similar interest of course being food. I live in the small town of Woodland, Ca that just sits about 15 miles NorthWest of Sacramento. Living in this small town there is not much diversity, most of our local restaurants are Mexican food and fast food restaurants like the classic McDonald’s and they do not suffice. I say this because I consider myself a very adventurous eater and I like to branch out. I have always been this way because growing up we ate what my mother made us or we did not eat at all. There was never the eating out option or the “eww it has onions” or “eww it has vegetables”, etc, because like I said before we ate what was made for us or we would go to sleep hungry. My blog Grub Bubble will consist of food spots located around my hometown. I will tend to eat, talk, and repeat. I will also try to do this safely considering we are still in a pandemic. Not only will my blog consist of food, but I will try to talk about how the pandemic has affected both restaurant owners and the consumers as well. Which will bring me to my next topic, that being why the name “Grub Bubble”? Have you ever heard of “staying in your bubble” or when you need your personal space you say “you’re inside my bubble”? Well, “Grub Bubble” came into creation by my older brother. I am in my own bubble consisting of eating during a pandemic. Catchy right? To wrap this all up, I hope you all enjoy my content and continue to come along this journey with me.

Thank you,

Angelica Ramos

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